Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to the questions we get asked Frequently. Please read through these before contacting a Staff Member.

How can I Start Playing?

To get started with downloading the game and playing on our servers, please refer to our How To Play page.

Do I need to Pay to play on Soapbox Race World?

No, playing on Soapbox Race World is completely free as it is an open-source project and will always stay one. We do not make money from this and our staff are volunteers. If you want to support them, consider donating here.

Is this project Affiliated with EA Games?

No, absolutely not. This is an unofficial open source project and we aren’t using any code from EA for our servers and launcher. Therefore, please do not contact EA for support.

Is using Third-Party Mods allowed on these servers?

Well, this depends on the mod you’re using. For example, using shaders or drift mod is allowed as these mods do not impact others’ gameplay. However, using cheats like pursuits hack is not allowed. Players caught using hacks will be either reset to Level 0 or banned completely. If you are not sure if a mod you want to use is allowed, contact the servers team.

My gameplay experience is Very Laggy/Buggy

This often happens because the server you are connected to has a bad latency to your location. In order to fix this, try playing on the server which is closest to your location. You can find all servers and their locations on the Server List.

How can I join the Team?

We are always looking to expand our great team! If you are interested in joining our team, please contact a staff member on Discord. Please keep in mind that in order to be accepted to the team as a developer, you need to be very skilled in Java programming or reverse engineering. But we also like graphic designers, video creators, social media people…

I want to host my own Soapbox Server. How can I do this?

If you want to host your own server, you can use the Soapbox Race Core for this. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. You need a MySQL database and a working installation of Openfire. For more information on setting up the core, please refer to our GitHub wiki.